Maharashtra: Man claims to have lost vehicle in Junglee Rummy addiction

A man named Nilesh Gire from Shirdi, Maharashtra recently released a reel on Instagram regarding his addiction of playing online rummy. G2G reached out to Nilesh and found out that he lost his hard-earned vehicle in rummy addiction.

In the video, Gire claims that he used to have his own vehicle, which he lost due to playing online rummy on Junglee rummy platform, and now he drives another person’s car to make his day-to-day living. The vehicle that he now drives in can also be seen in the background of the video.

“Earlier, I had my own vehicle, but now I work for another owner’s vehicle as a driver. Do you all know, how this happened? Come to Junglee Rummy, mates!!!,” Nilesh said in the video.

This is not the first time that a person has lost his/her life earnings due to online gaming addiction. Despite the advertisements of these platforms run a disclaimer regarding addictive and financially risky nature of these apps, people somehow fall to get addicted and end up losing all their hard-earned monies.

However, it is not the youth and common public that is to be blamed completely for this, as the celebrity advertisements portray the platform as a quick way to become rich and earn crores of rupees, however, they do not mention that a user needs skills added with some luck to win big.

Recently a young man in Nanded, Maharashtra also wrote a letter to Ajay Devgn, who is usually seen in Junglee Rummy advertisements. The man asked how much money Devgn had won till date using Junglee Rummy, that he is promoting the platform to his fans.

Protests against celebrities for promoting online gaming
Numerous protests against online rummy in several states has been going on for quite some time with the most recent one being the National President of Muslim Federation, Farhat Ali Khan burning down posters of online gamers like Dream11 and Junglee Rummy.

The move was made to protest against popular celebrities promoting these games. Khan believes that many young people nowadays easily get influenced by these advertisements, thinking that they can win crores easily, but end up losing money.

Promotion of online games have always been a matter of debate across different states. Although the Supreme Court has ruled games of skill like rummy and poker to be legal. In the same sense, their advertisements are also legal, but states argue that these games involve gambling and should be banned.

Taking action, Tamil Nadu also banned all forms of online games that have monetary aspect and labelled them under game of chance. Online gaming operators along with Industry body AIGF have filed a petition in Madras HC that is under hearing.

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